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Conditions utilisation These terms detail your rights, liabilities, and responsibilities, as well as the removal and storage contractor’s rights, obligations, and responsibilities. A contract is a two-way street, and both parties must comprehend. These terms and conditions may only be modified or amended in writing between you and Clarkson Removals. Clarkson Removals is not liable for any loss or damage. As a result, we’ve incorporated removals insurers, and the insurance terms are distinct from Clarkson Removals’ terms of engagement. If you require Clarkson Removals to perform any service or move any goods that are not covered by these terms and conditions, you must obtain written approval prior to signing this contract.

1) A quotation from Clarkson Removals
Although this is a set price, we reserve the right to amend or add costs if any of the following have been overlooked when producing this estimate. Clarkson Removals’ quotation excludes the following:

a) If, as a result of your delay, the job is not finished or completed within three months.

b) We are required to collect or transport products that are higher than the second level.

b) We provide any additional services, such as transporting or storing excess inventory.

d) Delays occur that are beyond our reasonable control e) The stairwells, lifts, or doors are insufficient or the approach is improper for our vehicles, necessitating additional labour. f) Any parking or other expenses incurred by Clarkson Removals in performing services on your behalf in any of these scenarios, you will be responsible for the additional price charged by Clarkson Removals.

2) Unless otherwise specified in writing, Clarkson Removals will not:

a) Take apart and reassemble unit furnishings, fittings, and fixtures.

b) Disconnect and reconnect electrical appliances, fixtures, and equipment.

d) Remove or install floor coverings.

c) Do not move or store storage heaters that have not been disassembled.

g) Transport or keep any objects covered by article 5.

3) Your accountability It is only your duty to:

a) Declare the worth of the things being transported or stored to Clarkson Removals.

b) Obtain at your own expense any paperwork required to complete the removals.

c) Guarantee that you are physically present at the department and destination point to ensure that nothing is taken or left behind in mistake.

d) Adequately prepare and stabilise all appliances before to removing them. Except where negligence is involved, we will not be liable for any loss, damage, expense, or additional charges resulting from any of these problems.

4) Possession of property
By engaging into this contract, you consent to the following:

a) The items being taken are your personal property; or

b) You have the owner’s authorization to enter into this contract about the things to be removed or stored. You agree to indemnify Clarkson Removals against any claim for damages and/or costs made against us in the event that any of these guarantees are not accurate.

5) What is omitted
This contract expressly excludes the following items: Jewellery, timepieces, trinkets, valuable stones, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins, or other items of a comparable kind or value

a) Dangerous, destructive, or explosive goods

b) Articles that are prone to attract rodents or other pests or to spread illness.

c) Food or beverage that has been refrigerated or frozen.

d) All animals, including pets, birds, and fish, and their cages or tanks. Clarkson Removals will not remove such products unless we have agreed in writing. If we do remove such items, we will not be liable for any loss or harm that is entirely or mostly attributable to the unique nature of the goods if you submit them without our knowledge and prior written consent. Clarkson Removals will not be responsible for any loss or damage, and you agree to indemnify us against any modifications, fees, damages, or fines asserted against Clarkson Removals. Additionally, we shall have the right to dispose of (without notice) any of the products described in paragraphs 5(a), 5(c), and 5 (d).

6) Reschedules/Cancellations
If you want to postpone or terminate this contract, we may assess a fee based on the amount of notice provided. Between 2 and 7 days: 30% of the disposal price; between 24 and 48 hours: 75%. Less than 24 hours: 100%

7) Reimbursement for deletions
Unless we agree differently, you must pay our charges in cash or by check in advance of the removal. You may not withhold any portion of the agreed fee, and all accounts outstanding for more than 30 months will accrue interest at a rate of 2% per month computed daily. Not only do we retain the right to terminate this contract if money is not received prior to the removal date, but we also reserve the right to refuse to perform any of the services listed.

8) Our obligation to compensate for loss or harm

a) If we are irresponsible in losing or injuring your items, Clarkson Removals will pay the reasonable expenses of repairing or replacing the item (minus normal wear and tear).

b) In the case of total loss of your items, our obligation is limited to the value disclosed to Clarkson Removals by you.

d) You will be financially responsible for the first £75.00 of any claim.

9) Property damage We are only accountable for property damage caused by our carelessness. Any damage to the premises must be notified to Clarkson Removals immediately upon delivery and documented in writing within seven days.

10) Claim deadlines
We shall not be liable for any loss or damage to goods unless and until a claim for loss or damage is made in writing to us within seven days of their collection from you or delivery to their destination by us.

11) Our lien rights
We have a legal right to withhold or eventually dispose of part or all of the products until all of our charges and other obligations due under this contract are paid in full. These include any expenses paid on your behalf while we keep the items and await payment. You will be responsible for any storage fees and other costs incurred as a result of withholding your goods, and these terms and conditions will remain in effect.

12) Our authority to subcontract work

a) We retain the right to subcontract portions of or the entire scope of work.

b) These terms and conditions will apply if we subcontract.

Additional contract terms that apply to goods storage.

13) Your remittance address
If you submit things to be stored, you must include a forwarding address and contact Clarkson Removals in writing if your forwarding address changes. You will be deemed to have received all letters and notices seven days after receipt if you tell Clarkson Removals of any inaccuracies or omissions.

14) Inventory Where we create an inventory of your items and submit it to you, it will be treated as correct until you tell Clarkson Removals within seven days of receipt of any inaccuracies or omissions.

Payment (15)
Storage fees must be paid in advance. Before the goods may be removed from storage, all payments, including removal charges, must be paid in full in cleared cash.

16) Charges for storage are revised
Our storage fees are reviewed on a regular basis. Any increases will be communicated to you in writing 28 days in advance.

17) Our legal right to sell the merchandise
We are allowed to ask you to remove your property from our custody and settle all outstanding debts to Clarkson Removals upon providing you 28 days notice. If you default on any of your debts to Clarkson Removals, we have the right to sell or dispose of part or all of the items without further notice. You will be charged for the cost of the sale or disposal. Your account will be credited with the net revenues, and any eventual surplus will be remitted to you without interest.

18) Cancellation
If your payments are current, we will not terminate this contract until we provide you three calendar months written notice. You must offer at least 14 days notice if you desire to discontinue your storage contract. If we can release the products sooner, we will do so as long as your account is current.

19) Issuing citations
If you arrange for someone else to collect your products from our warehouse, we have the right to charge for the service. Clarkson Removals’ responsibility terminates upon receipt of the items.

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